Robert Anton Wilson & Operation Mindfuck

by jmatheny on August 21, 2013


[Disinfo ed.'s note: The following is an excerpt from Jesse Walker's new book, The United States of Paranoia: A Conspiracy Theory. The excerpt is part of the chapter "Operation Mindfuck" and focuses on the role of the Discordian Pope, Robert Anton Wilson.]

[Robert Anton] Wilson laid out the basic instructions for Operation Mindfuck in a memo sent to several friends (including [Paul] Krassner). Participants were “to circulate all rumors contributed by other members,” and they were “to attribute all national calamities, assassinations or conspiracies to the other member-groups.” The one great risk, he cautioned, was that “the Establishment might be paranoid enough to believe some wild legend started by one of us and thereupon round up all of us for killing Abraham Lincoln.”

So they sent a letter on Bavarian Illuminati stationery to the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, just to confirm that “we’ve taken over the Rock Music business. But you’re still so naïve. We took over the business in the 1800s. Beethoven was our first convert.” Robert Welch of the John Birch Society got a letter informing him that Gary Allen was an Illuminati agent. When a New Orleans jury refused to convict one of the men Jim Garrison blamed for the JFK killing, Garrison’s booster Art Kunkin of the leftist Los Angeles Free Press received a missive from the “Order of the Phoenix Angel” revealing that the jurors were all members of the Illuminati. The telltale sign, the letter explained, was that none of them had a left nipple. READ THE REST at DISINFO


Happy Maybe Day

July 23, 2013

Join me in celebrating a day of not being sure about anything. But don’t expect the Certain to thank you for it Today is Maybe Day, a day inspired by the late writer Robert Anton Wilson. It was his hope that on this day people of all creeds and beliefs would come together and chant, […]

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New additions to the website

June 15, 2013

From time to time, the site administrators continue to add new material to Robert Anton Wilson Fans. Here are examples of text, video etc. added from the first of the year: Robert Anton Wilson with Karl Hess (video). An Evening With Robert Anton Wilson (video from a 1987 Libertarian Party convention). Letter to Robert Shea’s […]

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Happy Birthday Robert Anton Wilson

January 18, 2013

We miss you, but we can still hear your voice.

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RAW Pack Torrent

January 6, 2013

I plan to commercially release four more pieces from my Robert Anton Wilson archives later this year, so in preparation for that, I have put the last four I released into the public domain. After a sufficient time, I will do the same for the four I will be releasing in 2013, and so on, […]

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Robert Anton Wilson Remembered [Unabridged] (Holiday gift)

December 25, 2012

Complete zip of entire CD released into the wild for your enjoyment. Fond remembrances of the life and work of Robert Anton Wilson, featuring Douglas Rushkoff, Antero Ali, Tiffany Lee Brown, David Jay Brown, Zac Odin, and Joseph Matheny. Amazon/Audible info DOWNLOAD (328.5 mb.) Also see: The Lost Studio Session (Robert Anton Wilson) [FULL]

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The Lost Studio Session (Robert Anton Wilson) [FULL]

October 11, 2012

First recorded in Chicago in 1994, this previously unreleased audio session with the renowned Robert Anton Wilson has been stored away for fifteen years…and almost lost entirely. If Bob knew how many synchronicities surround the rediscovery and release of this “lost” studio session, he would be chuckling in that half jolly, half mischievous way of […]

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Two RAW mysteries

May 23, 2012

In the course of editing my blog at, I have learned much about the literary career of Robert Anton Wilson. However, I have also run into mysteries that remain unsolved. 1. Where is the Shea correspondence? Cosmic Trigger 3: My Life After Death includes a chapter, “Chimes at Midnight,” about Wilson’s old friend and […]

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MaybeLogic mix

April 23, 2012

From Twitter:  Hagbard Celine (@amoebadesign) writes: “this is a R.A.W. live cinema mix I performed in 2002, DeepleafProductions gave me the clips, enjoy“

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